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I've been having my cars serviced at Rod's Automotive for over 22 years, originally recommended by a friend. I have always found Rod's a pleasant, dependable for great work, fair priced and honest business, and have sent others there as well. Rod himself does top-notch work & problem solving, and hires great mechanics. Thanks for all the years of hard work, keeping my, my wife's and 2 daughters' cars running & safe.

- Josh Friedman, Nashua NH
I have been a customer of Rods for ten years, and have been very pleased with the service and prices that i have received over the years, i have also sent several people to him and they were very satisfied with all the service they received. He is aimed to please and gets your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.

- Keith B.
I've been a customer of Rod's Automotive for Forty years, My children as well have followed in my foot steps, It's a piece of mind knowing my children are going to be leaving with a safe and thorough check on there vehicles. Never once have I had bad experience with the service I've received over time. Rod is a standup guy with fair prices I trust his judgment he charges no more than what he get's his parts for and his labor is competitive with everyone else in the Nashua area, Rod is always willing to work with you when it comes to the expense of repairing your vehicle, of course we all know how pricey that can be!!! Let me tell you a story, I dropped my transmission to my car on the freeway in Portland Maine a few years back, I didn't know what to do AAA wasn't going to tow me back to Nashua, So I called Rod's Automotive hoping he could do something it was worth a try, it payed off wow they came all the way out to Portland Maine and Towed me home! Now tell me do you know any one else that would do that for you? and not just because we have known each other for a while he would do it for anyone that's his personality. And I just have to add what a HUGE PATRIOT'S FAN HE IS !!!, Thumbs up Rod keep up the good work.

- Dennis B.

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